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If you live near or visit the Houston, Texas, U.S. area please stop in and see us! Call or email us so that we may schedule an appointment that meets the requirements of your busy schedule.


SWEDISH  MASSAGE                              $60

A light pressure relaxing massage to relive tension and restore balance. A skilled

massage therapist  will ply your stubborn knots with the classic  Swedish massage


Treatment time-60 minutes


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                         $68

Bring harmony to your mind and body through deep muscle and tissue massage, helps

to reduce adhesions and some stiffness. 

Treatment time-60 minutes


SLIMMING  MASSAGE                           $65

Using  slimming  formulas cream  combine massage techniques to reduce  and trim

your stubborn fat from   bottom, hips, thighs, tummy, stomach and arm., which   

gives you firmer-looking, slimmer-feeling, and turns you into a fabulous and

energetic body.

Treatment time - 60 minutes

weekly series  of 6 treatment                        $360


ACCUPRESURE   MASSAGE                   $68  

Acupressure massage (also called medical massage) with concentration on pressure

points and sore muscles resulting from workouts, injury or overuse.

Treatment time - 60 minutes 


HOT STONE TREATMENT                      $60

Using warm basalt stones flow over your body staying in certain area just long

enough to melt away pain, experience the feeling of being nurtured by mother earth.

Treatment time - 60  minutes



Points on our hands correspond to vital areas of our bodies. Systematic movements

can induce relaxation and promote balance.

Treatment time - 30 minutes                         $30

Treatment time - 15 minutes                         $15


HALF HOUR MASSAGE                           $30

Relaxation massage of the back, neck and shoulders.

Treatment time - 30 minutes      


CHAIR MASSAGE                                     $20

You'll sit on the massage chair, fully clothed  and  receive back neck and shoulder

stress relief massage, our therapist concentrates on the most commonly stressed


Treatment time-20 minutes 


SLIMMING BODY WRAP                                    

This healthy inch loss program is a toxin cleanse that creates a very definite size

loss from fatty areas. The aloe vera in the solution will moisturize, tone and

tighten the skin for the client to feel baby soft and not needing to shower off the

product. The treatment and " all food" ingredients are perfectly safe, healthy and

very  relaxing.   Body Treatments provide a stress relieving experience for the mind

as well as the body. Relaxation is the order of the day.           

One  treatment                                              $65

Series  of  7 treatment                                   $420 

Series of  12 treatment                                  $660


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