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If you live near or visit the Houston, Texas, U.S. area please stop in and see us! Call or email us so that we may schedule an appointment that meets the requirements of your busy schedule.



SKIN CONSULTATION                                          $15


MINI-FACIAL                                                            $35

This revitalizing mini facial reduces stress, softens fine lines and improves texture and tone of your skin. Including scrub, mask and moisturizers.
Treatment time - 30 minutes   


ACNE TREATMENT                                                $60-75

Controls adult or adolescent acne conditions and helps prevent scars. Treatment including anti-inflammatory and  antibacterial deep pore cleansing with extractions of comedones.

Treatment time - 1 hour 

Weekly series of 4 treatment                                   $220-280


AHA   FACIL EXFOLIATION                                 $60

This is an anti-aging rejuvenation program. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Improves softness, tone and texture of the  skin as it stimulates collagen and elastin. Inherently relieves discoloration, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation, improves oily to acne prone skin and helps medications penetrate faster and deeper.

Treatment time 60  minutes  

Series of 4 treatment                                                  $240

Super Peel                                                                  $80


DELUXE  FACIAL                                                     $75 

A full facial for the highest quality skin care. start with rotary brush ,exfoliating of rough skin, extractions(if need) followed by an acupressure massage shoulder, neck, face, ear and  head to stimulate blood circulation and restore balance,  finishing with a customer mask treatment.  Your skin will be energized and renewed..
Treatment time - 1 hour 15 minutes
Series  of 4 Treatments                                              $280 


DEEP PORE  CLEANSING  FACIAL                      $60-75

Includes  cleansing, exfoliating of rough skin cells, extractions to eliminate clogged pores, and concludes with a treatment mask that refreshes and tightens skin.

Treatment time - 1 hour



Brush cleansing  exfoliation with fruit  enzyme on back to extract clogged pores. Finishing with  anti-bacterial mask to  resist return of acne infection.

Treatment time- 1 hour 


NECK & BUST REPAIR                                             $25

For slackening of the bust, decollete�s neck.. Restructuring effect that tones and smoothes the areas, reinforces the tissues and the leaves the skin satin soft.


EYE  CONTOUR  TREATMENT                              $25

A treatment to aid in minimizing the  fine lines of dryness, reduces puffiness restoring tone and vitality around the eye area.

When add on to any facials                                       $10


AMPOULE TREATMENT                                        $25


Add on to any facial                                                     $12

MASK TREATMENT                                                 $25


When add on to a facial                                              $10


Locked beneath the exposed surface of the skin lies fresh, lovely, beautiful skin yearning to emerge. Our Microdermabrasion system uses aluminum oxide crystals to painlessly remove tired, dull surface skin with every pass of the hand piece. Whether you have dull, dry, flaky, sensitive, acne prone or sun damaged skin, our Microdermabrasion system is your answer to a more vibrant, youthful you. You are in control because you and your skin care professional plan a series of treatments.

Face only                                                                      $70

Series of  6  treatments                                                $390
Face, Neck & Decollete                                             $85  

Series of  6 treatments                                                 $480



  • Brows                                                             $12
  • Lash                                                $15    

        Ear piercing package available 


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